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What do humans really need?

Posted in oameni, wisdom by nicolatita on mai 17, 2008

Citisem un articol publicat de o colega pe un blog legat de renuntarea la meseria de designer a lui Philippe Starck (nu stiam prea multe despre el).Mi-au placut insa cuvintele lui si motivatia pe care o da, cu aceasta ocazie, si am gasit mai jos si interviul cu pricina :

ZEITmagazin: Monsieur Starck, you have designed everything, from toothbrush to spaceship. What do humans really need?
Philippe Starck: The ability to love. Love is the most wonderful invention of mankind. And then, one needs intelligence. Mankind, as opposed to animals, has managed to create a civilization based on intelligence. For this reason, no human can afford to not work on their intelligence. And humour, humour is important.
ZEIT: And you can’t think of something material?
P.S.: We don’t need anything material. It is more important to develop one’s own ethic, and to stick to these rules. There is nothing else one would have to worry about.
ZEIT: You can’t be serious. Isn’t there so much else one needs in order to survive?
P.S.: If you want to talk about objects: one certainly needs something to light a fire.
ZEIT: Can you think of anything else?
P.S.: A pillow maybe, and a good matress.
ZEIT: So why, then, have you become an industrial designer in the first place?
P.S.: That is an interesting question. And I haven’t found an answer to it for myself yet. Look, I have designed so many things without ever really being interested in them. Maybe all these years were necessary for me to ultimatively recognize that we, after all, don’t need anything. We always have too much (stuff, SIC).”


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  1. […] ceva timp, va amintiti, scriam despre designerul Ph Stark . Dupa el , capacitatea de a iubi , inteligenta, conduita morala si umorul sunt suficiente unui om […]

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